If you know the mailing address, phone # or the email address of any of our classmates on the list below, please pass this information on to the Reunion Committee (committee@bmhs1963.com). The last known city and state is listed.


Patricia Bestor Mannino  (Rockton/Roscoe area?)
Carolyn Brooks (Hollingshead, Utah)
Judith Brozak Adams (Canon City, CO)
Barbara Christopherson Baker
Elizabeth Dahlstrom
Martha Gales Cornish        
Gertrude Godoy (Beloit?)
Beverly Griffin
Michael Hamilton
Richard Hamilton
John Harter
Beverly Howey
Estelle Hurtado Puget
Karen Jentz Shulenski
Judith Johnson Knutson
Neal P . Martin
James Moore
Gianfranco Moscogiuri
Dorian Mueller
Joann Phillips
Dorothy Pickett
William Ryan
Larry Shoemaker
Michael Smesrud
George Wald
William Wald
Thomas Walker
John Webster